Ryan Peek on Creating Shiny Apps


by: Ryan Peek
for: Davis R Users Group (2015-Nov-18)

Short Presentation on Using Shiny & Markdown

The aim of this is to provide some basic examples showing the myriad of possibilties shiny provides, especially when combined with markdown to create presentations, reports, or stand-alone apps.

There are plenty of very sleek shiny apps out there that you can check out, and many take much more coding savvy than I can provide (I’m learning too!). However, as you start learning and putting together apps, look for examples! Many apps whether complicated or simple will often provide the underlying code on github. I learned the most looking at and breaking other folks code. Make it habit to provide your code as well so others can learn from it.

For this presentation I hope to do the following:

  1. Give a quick overview of Rmarkdown
  2. Give a quick overview of shiny app structure, and show some app examples
  3. Talk about how to combine shiny and markdown to make:
    • Dynamic/Interactive Presentations
    • HTML based reports
    • Apps for data exploration and analysis

Presentation and Repository Links:

You can view Ryan’s presentation below, or on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0SLp0eHJ4k

Download the GitHub Repository here (includes the .Rmd presentation): https://github.com/ryan-ucd/Davis-RUG-Pres