There are a few courses at UC Davis that use R.

  • Duncan Temple Lang (one of the developers of R) teaches Statistical Computing (STA141), a course mostly about R but also more general topics in computer science for statistics. He also organizes an informal seminar series on statistical computing. STA 242 is a more advanced version of the course. He also will teach STA 135 - Multivariate Data Analysis this year, which is not about R but uses R for data exploration, data mining, and regression.
  • Richard McElreath’s Statistical Rethinking (ANT298) is a course in Bayesian statistical methods which doesn’t focus on R but teaches enough for the applications in the course. No longer taught but materials all available online.
  • Data Wrangling for Ecologists was a ECL298 taught by Ryan Peek: Using data science tools (R and Git) for exploration, analysis and research Winter Quarter 2017. The course may be taught by someone else in the future, but is still up in the air. All materials available on website or here.
  • Marissa Baskett and Sebastian Schreiber teach Computational methods in population biology (ECL298) in alternate years. This course also isn’t explicitly about R but teaches enough basics so as to be able to use it for the applications in the course. They also created this handy cheat sheet
  • Design, Analysis, and Interpretation of Experiments (PLS 205) has in the past provided an optional extra section to learn techniques in R in addition to SAS
  • Carole Hom teaches Introduction to Dynamic Models in Modern Biology (BIS 132) where R is used for differential and difference equation modeling.
  • There are occasional paid workshops offered on campus
  • At least one section of STA100 uses R
  • Robert Hijmans teaches Quantitative Geography (GEO200CN). It is a survey course about spatial data analysis and modeling using R, including subjects such as point pattern analysis, kriging, inference, cellular automata and Markov chains. It has lectures, disussions, and a intensive lab.
  • Jim Fadel teaches ABG250: Mathematical Modeling in Biological Systems, which uses R and teaches enough for the applications in class
  • The political science methods sequence (POL211, POL212, POL213) uses R.
  • Andrew Latimer’s Applied Statistical Modeling for Environmental Science (PLS298) uses R in addition to JAGS and OPENBugs. It assumes familiarity with R.

General Statistics Resources at UC Davis

  • Here is a page compiling stats and modeling courses that Ecology students can take at UC Davis
  • The UC Davis Department of Statistics has a consulting service that is free for disseration-related statistical advice. You get a 1-hour meeting with a statistician to discuss your research and they will send you a write-up of their recommendations.