Michael Levy's Tidyverse Tutorial

D-RUG Co-Coordinator Michael Levy talked to us about implementations of Hadley Wickham’s tidyverse:

“The “tidyverse” (formerly “Hadleyverse”), which is about 20 R packages that work together to make most of what you do in R easier, faster, and less bug-prone. If you’re new to R, you’ll see that the tidyverse syntax is less obtuse than base R and the consistency is refreshing. If you already use a few tidyverse packages like ggplot2 or dplyr, you’ll learn about additional tools that fit in your existing pipelines to make your work easier. And if you program with lists and don’t know purrr yet, this talk also has something for you. I just learned it and am quite excited about it – convenient map-reduce functions, type-stable try and unlist, list-columns in data frames, and more. I’ll walk through what each of these packages does, explain why you might want to use it, and demo its functionality and advantages over the base R alternatives. I will also demo the new R Notebooks, which is a nice way to build a dynamic document chunk by chunk.”

Here’s the video! Full text and accompanying links can be found on Michael’s blog, to which you should, of course, subscribe.