“The sweetest R-help group this side of the Mississippi.”

Welcome to the Davis R Users’ Group (D-RUG)! We are a community of R users at UC Davis who support each other in using R for science. Our focus is providing a space for beginning and intermediate users to learn from each other.

Come to our weekly work sessions! For Fall Quarter 2016, weekly work sessions will be be held Thursdays 1pm - 3pm in Wickson 2124. This is the core purpose of DRUG. We have weekly, 2-hour work sessions where people bring their computers to work on their own projects, and ask each other questions as needed. We have no TAs - just mutual support in R, statistics, and related topics. Group members sometimes give short presentations on R methods and best practices or to get feedback on their projects.

For real-time updates on weekly work sessions and presentations, follow @Voovarb, @ucdlevy, and @riverpeek on Twitter.

  • Join the mailing list: The mailing list is an online supplement to our in-person work sessions.

  • Use the resources on this site: We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you get started using R and find answers to your questions. Click on the “Getting Started” or “Past Presentation” tabs above to check them out.