There are a few courses at UC Davis that use R.

  • Duncan Temple Lang (one of the developers of R) teaches Statistical Computing (STA141), a course mostly about R but also more general topics in computer science for statistics. He also organizes an informal seminar series on statistical computing. STA 242 is a more advanced version of the course. He also will teach STA 135 - Multivariate Data Analysis this year, which is not about R but uses R for data exploration, data mining, and regression.
  • Richard McElreath’s Statistical Rethinking (ANT298) is a course in Bayesian statistical methods which doesn’t focus on R but teaches enough for the applications in the course.
  • Marissa Baskett and Sebastian Schreiber teach Computational methods in population biology (ECL298) in alternate years. This course also isn’t explicitly about R but teaches enough basics so as to be able to use it for the applications in the course. They also created this handy cheat sheet
  • Design, Analysis, and Interpretation of Experiments (PLS 205) has in the past provided an optional extra section to learn techniques in R in addition to SAS
  • Carole Hom teaches Introduction to Dynamic Models in Modern Biology (BIS 132) where R is used for differential and difference equation modeling.
  • There are occasional paid workshops offered on campus
  • At least one section of STA100 uses R
  • Robert Hijmans teaches Quantitative Geography (GEO200CN). It is a survey course about spatial data analysis and modeling using R, including subjects such as point pattern analysis, kriging, inference, cellular automata and Markov chains. It has lectures, disussions, and a intensive lab.
  • Jim Fadel teaches ABG250: Mathematical Modeling in Biological Systems, which uses R and teaches enough for the applications in class
  • Anna Steel taught ECL298: R for Dummies: Basics of data manipulation in R Winter Quarter 2013. The course may be taught by someone else in the future, but is still up in the air.
  • The political science methods sequence (POL211, POL212, POL213) uses R.
  • Andrew Latimer’s Applied Statistical Modeling for Environmental Science (PLS298) uses R in addition to JAGS and OPENBugs. It assumes familiarity with R.

General Statistics Resources at UC Davis

  • Here is a page compiling stats and modeling courses that Ecology students can take at UC Davis
  • The UC Davis Department of Statistics has a consulting service that is free for disseration-related statistical advice. You get a 1-hour meeting with a statistician to discuss your research and they will send you a write-up of their recommendations.